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This project is an Open Source CBZ viewer for PocketPC and other Windows Mobile Devices. NOTE: at this time the PocketPC component does NOT support CBRs; however the Desktop component will convert a CBR to a CBZ.

At the moment, the Mobile Code is written for the 2.0/3.5 version of the .Net Compact Framework (I amy at some point recompile for those of you with 1.0 version of the .Net Compact Framework). NOTE: .Net Compact Framework is "CF" from here on.

Due to an issue with the unrar.dll, the Desktop Component is compiled in the 1.1 version of the framework (and I recommend running with that version of the framework as the UnRar.dll doesn't work for me under 2.0).

The CF Zip component used will not be available in source form until such a time as I can confirm from the folks at ICSharpCode.Net that I can make the source available. I believe it is simply their 0.84 source code recompiled in a CF project.

CBZHelper Desktop App
The Desktop component is useful for converting the files by lowering the quality/scale of the individual image pages so that the pages are a little easier to read on your device.

If you have a device other than a standard pocketpc with a 240x320 you will want to tweak the settings contained in the options dialog. This is an early release and as such I have yet to connect the options dialog to a file (so you will have to do this every time if your device's screen resolution doesn't match mine).

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